Fast & Shiny — a POD Altered Book Challenge

POD (Print on Demand)/Altered Book Challenge

Last winter I accepted a challenge, artists were asked to create a book for printing by a POD (Print on Demand) company of our choosing , alter the book and document the process with photos.  Great idea in concept however I doubt I will ever work this particular way again.  At least I’m certain I won’t screw up the semi-expensive paper back in quite the same way!

The final result is a drastically different book than the first rendering as a simple photo book. This rendering invites the viewer to adjust their eyes and look carefully at the slightly out of focus pages that comment on the ugly side of America’s love affair with the automobile. Fast & Shiny scanned book

Several of my original concepts never ever made it the POD stage but Fast & Shiny book did, and I chose Blurb for the POD.  The plan was to take apart the Blurb printed book alter it with transferred text and to rebind it with a woven spine.  What really happened was completely different.

Added title page and colorful end sheet.

Added title page and colorful end sheet.

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