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Fashion conscious I’m not, but fashion conscience I’m becoming.   Anyone who has observed me knows that my style would be described as comfortable blah!  So why would I devote time, energy and resources to create a series of assemblages related to fashion…good question?  As an ordinary woman with an organic pear shape,  I know it takes a village to fashionably fit into contemporary society.  Creating these art pieces has caused me to reflect on just how much I adore those who balk at the idea of fitting in.

Fashions from the middle ages into the early 20th century meant men and women we were cloaked head to toe, now in the 21st century inked skin is in.  Trends what are the costs?  Who pays the price for us to reveal our personality through our wardrobes.  Examining my own closet of the ordinary, I realize how much I desire to simplify and lighten my moral footprint and so I begin by looking at a tiny bit of fashion history and making assemblages.

For these assemblages I gathered  mundane materials a dilapidated Godey’s Ladies Book 1863, old sheet music, antique scissors, old wood & cardboard boxes, sheets of roofing copper, national flags, antique mirrors and scanned images from numerous copyright free resources.  The pieces include inkjet pigment prints on paper, canvas, linen and clear film, gelatin monoprints on papers, pigment transfer prints to mirror and copper, & collaged elements from all the source materials.

Bathing Beauty

Bathing Beauty, Assemblage with pigment prints in antique clothing box. 20.5″ h x 24″ w

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